Performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids that increase muscle mass and decrease fat have become popular for athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters. They are taken to improve and perfect their bodies as well as their physical performance. Orally taken steroids have the same properties as injectable anabolic steroids apart from the route of delivery and how quickly the steroid begins to metabolize in the body telling it to increase growth of the muscle tissue by means of protein synthesis. This is an alternative route to the injections if a bodybuilder just so chooses. The absorption rate as well as mechanism of action of this oral dose of steroid will metabolize at a different degree if compared to taking an injectable anabolic steroid. However, the outcome results are the nearly, if not exactly the same. With on boarding an oral steroid, the bodybuilder, or athlete should find positive outcomes when paired with an appropriate diet plan and workout management. These positive outcomes include an increase in lean muscle mass (LBM), strength, energy and stamina which are detrimental to obtaining a very specific physique.

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