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Keep the package insert for reference. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please consult your physician. This drug has been individually prescribed by your physician for personal use. Under no circumstances do not administer it to others, even if they appear with the same symptoms, it may harm them. If you notice any of the side effects stated in this package please notify your doctor or pharmacist immediately.


It’s a synthetic version of Tβ4 (Thymosin Beta4). Thymosin is a protein encoded by the TMSB4X gene in humans. The protein consists of 43 amino acids, and it regulates actin polymerization.
Thymosin Beta4 is a major cellular component in many tissues, and its intracellular concentration can reach 0.5 mM. Also, the protein is used in improving the healing of acute injuries with a slow rate in the process of recuperation.

Another common TB-500 use is its administration after having a heart attack owing to its capability of repairing damaged heart tissue through cardiac progenitor cell activation, which functions as a restoration system for your body.


Thymosin-β4 intervenes in the actin polymerisation regulation and encodes the actin sequestering protein in the cells known as Eukaryotic cells, which contain organelles and nucleus, and they’re enclosed by a plasma membrane. It’s high maintenance of sequence plus localisation in tissues as well as the circulating cells of our body.

Actin is a family of spheroproteins that form microfilaments. It’s found in essentially every eukaryotic cell. The cell-building protein plays important roles in the maintenance of cell shape and cell junctions, vesicle movement, cell division and cytokinesis as well as muscle contraction.


• Thymosin takes part in cell proliferation, migration plus differentiation that is brought about by a particular intercommunication with actin in the cytoskeleton, which is present in the cells (giving the cell shape as well as the mechanical resistance to deformation). Moreover, thymosin can increase cellular respiration that enables cells to gain beneficial energy for fueling cellular activity.
• Thymosin increases your red blood cell count plus oxygen delivery to your muscles. Consequently, this results in the improvement of energy that your body uses, which is useful in reducing the feeling of weakness plus the lethargic status. Additionally, the protein boosts new blood cell growth from the existing vessels by a process known as angiogenesis. Hence, this leads to organism growth and the wound healing.
• The peptide speeds injury repair, promotes tissue repair and increases joint mobility, which are the effects that injured high-performance athletes desire because they don’t like going through a recovery period that takes long. However, you aren’t allowed to take the peptide during official sports competitions because of its capability of improving the sports performance while increasing the recovery of injuries.
• Bodybuilders can enjoy the benefits that come with this peptide to enhance endurance and strength, promote muscle growth increase as well as to improve muscle tone, which helps in maintaining muscle posture. All these benefits can be achieved in a better way than using anabolic–androgenic steroids (AAS), which can result in unwanted side effects. Muscle endurance importance resides in the ability of athletes to improve their performance in the activities that are performed for long periods.
• Those who have used the peptide haven’t reported any unusual side effect, although the peptide is known to be a synthetic protein mimicking the natural function of Tβ4. This protein’s natural function prevents damage to organs that pharmaceuticals, which accomplish similar effects, can cause.


• Size of vial: 2 mg
• Frequency of use: 1-2 times per week for 4-6 weeks
• Where to inject: Stomach fat or shoulders, thighs, buttocks.
• Injection dosage per time: 2 mg per injection


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